What are the steps to update br1m 2016?

Brim kemaskini, which is nothing but the br1m update can definitely be made online. Although the web page still is under improvement, people can directly get updates and do the necessary activities like checking the bank account and registration process. But when you are a new applicant, you must definitely provide and proofread the application. If you wish to know the steps of how to update, then check the ones given below:

  • Log on to the http://brim-hasil.com/
  • Click on “Update application”
  • You get the window that has the application form and you will have to enter your IC numbers and also check your bank account details and address.
  • The application form must be filled accurately as any mistake or error will affect the br1m results.
  • You will be alerted with “status successful”, when you automatically update the form. You can then click on “print” and keep it as your informational reference.
  • If you wish to update it offline, then, you can contact any one of the respective centre – Federal Development Department, Branch and Service centre of Inland Revenue, Social Welfare Department and the Department of Information and Government Agencies.
  • When you visit the site, you will also be guided by answering any kind of queries related to the receipts or other updates of the aid .

On the whole, this wonderful initiative which is yet to taste complete success has been energetically developed for the smooth progress of the all the lower and middle income people and those who belong to families that earn income less than RM 3000. What makes the program unique is that it easily and excellently provides people to experience  the repayments of the scheme along with many other systems like medical assurance covers and educational fees. Visit the site to know more and understand the process.

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