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What Reveals the Urine about Your Health

A trip to the bathroom can be more revealing than you think.

Appearance, smell and the frequency of your urine can provide a lot of information about what might happen inside your body.

Too dark-colored urine

If urine is brown, the color resembles that of tea, could be a sign you are dehydrated and the kidneys produce urine too concentrated (as opposed to the diluted urine). Urine provides an indication of body hydration level. If someone accuses dizziness, to rule as a cause of their hydration, urine could be analyzed.

Urine is the ideal color of the straw. It is important to know if a person has dark urine because of drinking too little liquid or if it could be because of bleeding in kidneys, what could a sign of kidney disease, infection or cancer.

Urine that smells sweet

Sweet smell of urine could be an indication that something serious happens in your body: This sugar is excreted in urine. A high concentration of sugar in urine is a sign of diabetes.

The kidneys act as filters for all types of toxins that are in the body. But if the filter is damaged, toxins are leaking into the urine. In diabetes, excess blood sugar often reaches in the urine. In pregnant women the kidney filtration system changes can lead to this sugar in urine. The situation should be examined by a doctor to confirm or refute the suspicion of diabetes.

Strange smell

A strange smell of urine, probably shouldn’t be worrying in some cases. Certain foods such as asparagus, because the amino acid content, resulting in a sulfur-smelling urine. When foods are broken down by the digestive system, smelly substances are released, being then filtered by the kidneys, which have an unpleasant odor when present in urine.

Fluorescent urine

Urine that is similar to that of neon, fluorescent – can be alarming, but the cause is nothing more than a multivitamin pill daily. B group vitamins and carotenoids, give urine a more intense golden color.

Fluorescent color of urine just means that previously ingested expensive supplements were eliminated through urine. Urine color can be affected by vitamins that have been filtered, whether they have been absorbed and utilized by the body.

A blood stain

If you take a look in the toilet and you see a spot of blood, bright red, this can mean quite a lot – the reasons may be quite serious. In this situation you should always consult your doctor.

In a healthy young woman, a blood stain may signify a sign of urinary infection. However, symptoms can be seen with bladder cancer, trauma or injury microscope, kidney stones or even a side effect of using drugs or treatments with aspirin or medicines for blood fluidity.

Do not delay the moment of going to toilet

There are a variety of underlying causes burning sensation to urinate or very frequent visits to the bathroom. First analyze your lifestyle and diet. If you wont to have a water bottle in your hand and drink all of that time, visits to the toilet will be more frequent, as the bladder fills more quickly and must be emptied several times.

If your diet has several fruits and vegetables that contain more water, you should know that their action is diuretic. Check medicine labels that you are using to determine if these have a diuretic effect (such as recommended drugs to treat hypertension).

One of the most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection is urgent need to urinate. Age may be another factor that could form the basis for increased frequency and burning sensation to urinate, both men and women.

Prostate health counts as well for men. Quite often, it expands and causes an obstruction which weakens urinary outflow. Thus, the bladder will be incomplete emptied and the feeling of going to the bathroom will come more often.

Leakage of urine

This is an uncomfortable topic for many people, including the young women who had experienced childbirth and suffer from some type of urinary incontinence.

Stress urinary incontinence is a condition in which pelvic floor muscles can’t sustain increased pressure due to high impact activities such as running, gymnastics or even coughing or sneezing. When pelvic floor is weak to withstand these types of pressure, the result is a small amount of urine leakage.

The situation worsens after natural birth. The best solution by which you can strengthen your pelvic floor is to do Kegel exercises (contracting and releasing pelin muscles repeatedly).

Another type of incontinence is called urge incontinence and is characterized not by muscular weakness, but by a malfunction of the bladder. There will be uncontrolled leakage of urine, because of the bladder empties before the person to receive the signal of need to go to the bathroom.

The burning sensation

If you have sudden pain when urinating it is very likely to be an early sign of a urinary tract infection. Such infections are very commonly found among sexually active women and at premenopausal women because the urethra is short and lies close to the vagina and rectum. This proximity enables the bacteria to pass easily into the urethra and urinary tract.

Oral antibiotics treat infection within a few days. Fluid intake may shorten the period of infection, by reducing the local concentration of bacteria. Thanks to their anatomy, UTIs in men are rare but can be present. In men, signs and symptoms similar to urinary infection may indicate an infection of the prostate.