borderline personality disorder

What Are the Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline personality disorder is mainly characterized by poor self control, weak ego and inner defensive mechanism in case of offensive conditions which demands denials or self defense. Intense behavioral changes occur and sustain for few hour or a day during an attack support the idea of classifying it as a separate kind of personality disorder not as a subset of schizophrenia, depression and anxiety disorder which involves mood swings lasting for weeks or months      

1. Extreme Behavior in Routine Activities 

People suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD) often show extreme behavior in daily activities. Such extreme behavior can be manifested as binge eating, excessive talk, over speed driving, over spending and excessive happiness on trivial happenings etc. Sometimes these activities are often compounded by impulsivity, aggression and anger which results in self injury or substance abuse etc.  

2. Suicidal Attempts or Life Threatening Activities 

Extremism manifested as a main symptom of borderline personality disorder often lead to life threatening activities in the form of car driving, racing, gambling and fighting etc. Such behavior is an outcome of wrong self image in which a patient feels that he is an unworthy and bad person who cannot do anything right or cannot attract the attention and care of his loved ones. Due to such extreme inferiority complex and negative self image he becomes isolated and depressed which often results in suicidal attempts to end his life for being useless for everyone including people around him and for his own self as well.       

3. Intense Attachments and Detachments

Another obvious symptom of borderline personality disorder is intense attachment with family members, friends or loved ones. In such situation a patient suffers from extreme thinking pattern of idealization and devaluation during which at one moment he starts liking someone as the most precious relation of his life and at next moment he starts disliking him as the most irritating figure for in the whole world.  Such intensity in attachments with other persons makes him more distorted figure in his thinking and action as well. These patients can’t tolerate the mild separation from a person they are emotionally attached so in case of vacations, sudden trips or unexpected change in meeting with that person make them more prone towards being aggressive, violent and self threatening figures.             

4. Lasting Impact on Future Goals and Relationships

With abnormal and intense thinking and action pattern a patient of borderline personality disorder becomes unable to achieve and maintain his long term future goals including studies, employment, social contacts, friendships and marital relationships etc. the rate of separation and divorce seems to be very high in these cases as continuous and unmanageable personality imbalance do no allow them to keep these relations for longer time period successfully. This thing exaggerates the feeling of being unworthy for every relation and pushes them to the dark corners of their room where they keep on increasing their depression, anxiety and anger which manifested some day in the form of severe self injury or suicidal attempt.