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Top Health and Fitness iPhone Apps

Smartphones are already part of most people’s lives, most especially those who are always on the go and in great need of organizing, communicating with people from all over the place, and a lot more functions. One of the best smart phones, which we can say, have revolutionized the way people lived and communicated is the iPhone.

Now on its fourth iteration, the iPhone has been a worldwide best seller because of its multifunctionality. One of the perks of this multifunctional gadget is managing one’s health and living a healthy lifestyle. Listed below are the top apps that people use from sunrise ‘til sundown.

UK: St. John Ambulance First Aid

This first aid app allows people to know the correct ways of dealing with emergency situations. While this application is not intended to take over the special trainings for providing first aid care, this app features images and step by step instructions. It is better to have little knowledge than no knowledge at all.

US: Nike+ GPS

The Nike + GPS app allows the user to monitor his own heart rate, calorie burn, and acts as a step or trip counter. It also has access to social media by which you can share your goals and accomplishments to famous social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

France: Instant Heart Rate by Azumio

This instant heart rate monitor can be used by placing the index finger in the camera sensor of the iPhone. This will lessen the need to make use of manual and inaccurate measurements.

Canada: Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app uses the accelerometer of your phone which will wake you up at the exact moment when required to prevent weakness and waking up at the wrong side of the bed. The phone needs to be placed in the bed and this app will wake you up at a lighter phase of sleep by monitoring your body movements.

Australia: The Traffic Light Food Tracker 

This app is a great grocery buddy as it will alert you the content of foods with regard to fats, cholesterol, sugar and sodium. The app will provide color ratings with the foods you select on the list.

Spain: 8 Minute Abs

The 8 minute abs application provides you a detailed work out, scheduling, work out motivations, as well as how to videos.

With the help of these applications, living a healthier and physically active life can be achieved, despite one’s preoccupations in life. They say that knowledge is power—it really is! These apps provide you knowledge on healthy practices, the accomplishments which you have achieved throughout the day, and the like. More than anything else, it gives you the motivation to achieve more and beat your daily records.