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Sedentary Lifestyle: Increased Risk for Cancer

Laziness is just a word, but it can kill. Many people around the globe prefer to be seated rather than doing some productive things while exercising as well.  There are several individuals who are spending most of their time sitting in their sofa and watching their favorite movie, or sitting while eating their favorite foods.

This sedentary lifestyle of most of the general population is considered as a health threat because it can actually lead to the development of lifestyle related diseases. In fact, too much time spend for sitting can increase the risk of cancer, according to the new research.

According to the researchers, while the time spent of many individuals for sitting and doing their stuff increases the risk of the development of cancer, the opposite of which – exercising, can produce the reverse effect. Time spent for exercising and other physical driving activities can lead to better health outcomes and reduction of health risks.

The new study has found the correlation between physical exercise and the decrease of inflammation marker – C-reactive protein. The findings of the research conducted by Christine Friedreich, a Canadian epidemiologist from Calgary, and her colleagues, reveal that too much sitting can lead to the increase of these inflammation markers. However, Friedreich reported that still major conclusions regarding evidences which point out that the increase of these inflammation markers can lead to cancer, are not yet final.

She claims that sedentary behavior significantly increases the risk of a cancer, because it is similar to the low physical activity. Breaking up sitting time will reduce the cancer risks for sure.

There can be other factors which can affect the risk posts to those individuals who remain seated for most of the time. It is a complex combination of body mechanisms that should be understand before making any findings conclusive. Although, it is still a fact that having a sedentary lifestyle makes a person have increase risk for other lifestyle related health problems.

Futhermore, Friedreich recommends regular exercises among those individuals who are into prolonged time of sitting. For those individuals who entail long periods of sitting because of their work, they can also take a break for some extent and do some exercise. In this manner, they can reduce inflammation and therefore cancer risk.