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Red Wine Versus Obesity

You may have heard some people say that they have lost weight just by drinking red wine. It will be easy to believe in things especially if you like it. A lot of people love red wine simply because it helps them relax. After a long day at work, they can sit on the sofa and just enjoy a glass of red wine. It will allow them to have a short time for themselves even with all of the hustle and bustle they have experienced throughout the day.

Why are people making it seem like red wine can prevent obesity? The sales of red wine will definitely skyrocket because aside from finding time to relax, a lot of people also want to lose a bit of weight.

High in Resveratrol

This is a type of stilbenoid which is usually released by plants when they become injured. There are plants who use this when they are being attacked by fungi or bacteria. This will usually come from the skin of grapes and other berries. People are banking too much on this ingredient that can be found in red wine without realizing that red wine is composed of other ingredients too.

The Other Ingredients of Red Wine

A lot of people are focused on resveratrol that they fail to realize that red wine is also high in alcohol which is obviously not good for the body. Another thing that red wine will have is different artificial flavoring. The extra sugar for flavor will contain a lot of calories that will not help people who are trying to lose weight at all. Different red wine brands will have varying calories depending on their mixture. You can check out the various brands before purchasing. Check the label and choose the one that will provide the least calories.

How is Resveratrol Connected to Weight Loss?

This first started when there was a study that was done on mice. The study has shown that exposure to resveratrol turned the white tissue of the mice into brown cells. Babies are also known to have a lot of brown cells that can help in regulating their body temperature. As babies grow into children and eventually adults, they start to have white cells more. This will have the ability to pack more fat as compared to brown cells.

Researchers are hoping that more intake of resveratrol that can be found in wine will help develop the brown cells of humans even when they are already adults. Unfortunately, there are not enough studies that will show if this is actually possible. More research will be needed in order to consider this as a fact.

The Actual Effect of Drinking Red Wine

What will be the effect of drinking red wine? You will actually have more chances of being obese this way. Drinking a lot of red wine will allow you to consume more alcohol and calories which will eventually lead to weight gain. A standard bottle of red wine will have more than 500 calories which will not be good for your diet at all.