moderate alcohol

People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol and are physically active have a lesser risk of heart disease

We all know that possessing or taking too much of anything is dangerous to our physical health and mental well-being, and alcohol is not an exemption to this well-known fact.

Taking just a few drinks is not so bad for the heart. Moderation is key, especially when it comes to substance intake. Moderate drinking is really important to the heart and its intake should be different among individuals especially of different genders. A man is expected to take at most two drinks a day and a drink a day for women.

The definition of “a drink” is quite ambiguous. It is important to know that “a drink” is not the same quantity for all beverages;

  • 1.5 ounces for spirits
  • 5 ounces for wine
  • 12 ounces for beer, are the standard measurement of “a drink”.

Anything more than this can not be classified as moderate drinking anymore.

Over the years, researches have shown that taking a drink of alcohol every day is actually very healthy and can reduce the chances of developing heart disease. According to a published article in the British Medical Journal, there is a reduction in the chances of developing a heart disease in moderate drinkers compared to non-drinkers.

Moderate alcohol has also proven to increase the level of high-density lipoproteins, prevents clotting of the blood which can fight back heart attacks and it also helps to clean up the effects caused by low-density lipoprotein.

With all the benefits moderate alcohol intake comes with, non-drinkers are advised not to develop the habit of drinking because the health benefits associated with drinking might not be the only reason why drinkers are healthy. It could be as a result of other important physical and mental life decisions.

So, non-drinkers are advised to maintain other healthy lifestyle choices that will give them the same benefits or even more than moderate drinkers enjoy. A non-drinker should never start drinking because of the health benefits associated with moderate drinking.

Studies have also shown that the chances of moderate drinkers dying untimely are way slimmer than the chances of non-drinkers. Researches have also shown that moderate drinking will reduce the risk of developing any form of cardiovascular disease by 25%.

Moderate drinking will also reduce the number of deaths caused by stroke and stroke attack but heavy alcohol intake will increase the effects of this disease. Drinking excessively exposes the body to various health breakdowns.

The society seems to have a major issue with alcohol and are almost ignorant about the benefits of alcohol. Researchers implore the government to change the public message about alcohol, to support moderate drinking and not completely frown against alcohol.