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Huge Families in Canada, Fathered by Sperm Donors

There is a wave of movies being produced of recent which are all particular about the same subject. From “Starbuck” to a reality series “Sperm Donor” and a stranger than fiction documentary by Barry Stevens. They all talk about the growing number of donor families.

Starbuck is a Canadian comedy that talks about the story of a young bachelor man that makes a living off selling his sperm. He accidentally has 533 children. Sperm Donor is a reality series of Ben Seisler, a 33year old man aired by US Style Network Channel who later got to know he has 70 kids. This is from his years of sperm donation. There is simply a growing wave of families of sperm donors.

Many countries have since tried putting strict regulations on the number of children born of a sperm donor. With different international regulations, many set the benchmark at 20 children while Denmark has a benchmark of 25 children. Yet, these regulations are not being followed to the letter.

The United States and Canada, in particular, have a lax regulation regarding sperm donation. Even though Canada has abolished the practice of paying sperm donor since 2004, different sperm samples are still being imported from the United States. This has led to the poor collation of data on the number of children born of a sperm donor as there is a huge gap in knowledge of the number of donor children.

This craze of sperm donation has then resulted in the thoughts of the formation of designer babies. This is done by selecting donor sperm based on particular or unique characteristics, which includes Intelligent Quotient, the color of the eyes, hairs, physical height, etc. making it easy to label some donors star donors and them being at increased demand because of their specific characteristics.

This has led to a lot of adverse effects, which include increased danger or chance of having inadvertent incest sex with half-siblings. It can also increase the susceptibility of transmission of genetic diseases. This has made many people advocate for the abolishment of donor anonymity, with the hope that this would reduce the negative effects of sperm donation.