Flatulence Triggers

FLATULENCE happens to all people and is not something to be ashamed of… but if this happens in front of your fiancée or his or her parents, or simply in a public place where you can’t stand and resist the urge to let that air out, I’m sure you will get embarrassed about it.  Flatulence is a common occurrence and many people will suffer from flatulence at least once or twice a year. It shouldn’t happen regularly; otherwise it may indicate a preexisting condition in the intestines.

Flatulence is basically what we refer to as GAS. Everyone has gas, and in terms of flatulence, we are dealing with too much of it. Gas can make us feel uncomfortable, bloated, and unable to move comfortably and many other discomforts.

Eating foods that are hard to absorb. In general, foods that have fiber are hard to digest, however the problem could be temporary.  Giving the body a few hours to adjust might do the trick for you.

Eating foods that are not tolerable. There are people who could not tolerate a certain food.  A good example would be lactose intolerant people; if this is the problem then it would be wise to stay away from dairy products such as milk and cheese.

Petulant bowel movement. It is a bowel movement that can be characterized by recurring abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, and alteration of bowel behavior in the absence of any organic cause that can be detected.

Malabsorption. Another answer that could address the question of what causes flatulence is malabsorption. This happens when the food nutrients cannot be fully absorbed by the body.  Most frequently, this symptom is followed by diarrhea.

Intake of pills, other medicines that have side effects. A good example is the diet pill that obese people are using to lose their fat off. Another drug that may cause flatulence are laxatives, these drugs lessen the movement of our intestines making our food get “stuck” inside the body without any movement at all.

Overeating. This is given since the foods that we eat build up in the intestine.  It will ferment overtime and thus produce a nasty gas. Moreover, if you tend to eat fast then the gas also builds up in your system since you are gobbling up some air at the same time.  This also solves the mystery about what causes flatulence.

Other common causes of flatulence are chewing gums and drinking beverages such as colas and beer. These increase the amount of gas inside the stomach, most especially the latter which contains a lot of gas/soda.

People pass out about 1-3 pints of gas a day—that is about fourteen times a day passing out flatus. The reason why flatus gives of a disgusting smell is because it is made of gases like methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other gaseous substances that have been produced on the process of digestion. Also traces of gases like scatole, indole and sulphur and present in it further making the aroma worse. And simply—there is no way out other than the proximate exit—the anus.