Dads at Less Risk to Die of Heart Diseases

Being a daddy doesn’t necessarily only have to do with the stress. Many advantages are attached to being the head of the family and father of children.

These are many, and an example is a fact that daddies are at less risk of having a heart attack.

Researches have shown that men with no children have about 17% chance of dying than men with children. Studies have also shown different reasons why daddy have less risk of dying from a heart attack which includes the following.

Men with low testosterone have reduced chance of having children

Lots of men with infertility always have impaired testicular function as the cause of infertility. An impaired testicular function is a major cause of lowered testosterone in men.

And there has been concrete evidence that decreased testosterone levels reduce the amount of good cholesterol called high-density lipoprotein in the body. This was, therefore, increasing their risk of having heart diseases.

This shows that most men with infertility have very high-risk factors for developing heart diseases.

And men who are fertile and have children are less predisposed to having heart diseases because of a good level of testosterone in their blood as compared to infertile men.

Fathering a child may be an indicator of good gene

Human beings are so programmed that the blueprint for their future experiences is imprinted in the DNA. It usually takes a very good gene with minimal sperm abnormalities in order to father a child.

Men with bad genes may have problems with not only fathering children but also a predisposition to chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and other risk factors for the development of heart diseases in the future.

This is not so in fertile men, especially men with children as giving birth may be a good indication for having a good gene and reduced risk of having heart diseases.

Being a father makes you a role model

Men are known to take risks, very delicate risks as it may be. Being a man may make you want to drive roughly without thoughts of the risk of having a fatal road traffic accident. It may also make you eat different junks until the cholesterol in your arteries build up.

This reduces when one becomes a father, you become a role model and an example to your children. You wouldn’t want to eat fatty food to stupor. And therefore have less risk of having heart diseases And ultimately reduced risk of dying of heart diseases

Children may give you a better reason to take care of yourself

Being a father makes you want to think about the future. You would want to do anything to make your spouse and children happy. Fathers take good care of themselves and their health, not only because of themselves but because of the family and children that depend on them.

Sacrificing some bacon for the joy of your family would be a risk to take. Children will definitely give you a better reason you take care of yourself. Eating less and fewer bacon and fatty foods reduce your risk of having heart diseases and ultimately makes father at less risk of dying from heart diseases

Children will take care of you

At some point in one’s life as a father, children will take good care of you. You would worry less about your health as your children would do great justice about it. You would eat less of junks and drink less of alcohol, as your children will take good care of you and provide healthy fruits and food to eat.

This helps increase one’s immunity and prevent the acquisition of cholesterol plaques in the arteries. Thereby preventing fathers from having heart diseases and ultimately death from heart diseases as against men with no children.