6 Reasons Why Flossing Is So Important

Everyone is aware that they’re supposed to floss before washing their teeth, but what people don’t know is why it matters so much. People started believing that flossing is unnecessary for the health of their teeth. We took some time to prove you just how significant flossing actually is to your overall health.

Here are 6 reasons why flossing is so important:

  1. Using dental floss on an everyday basis helps remove plaque, as well as prevent its build up, which often tends to lead to tartar. By removing the plaque, your teeth will look brighter than before. Dental floss can reach areas that your toothbrush can’t. 
  2. Flossing on a daily basis helps keep more than just your teeth healthy. It is believed by many researchers that mouth infections act like any other infection and that it can increase the levels of inflammatory substances in the blood. Those substances can create blood clots, which can in return slow blood flow to the heart. It is also believed that the bacteria from the infection can enter the bloodstream easily and affect the cardiovascular system.
  3. Flossing helps prevent dental caries and it can reduce the risk of gum disease by eliminating plaque.
  4. There are certain conditions (such as HIV, substance abuse, cancer, etc.) that people aren’t able to notice because they don’t floss their teeth. Those conditions tend to cause lesions and redness in your mouth, as well as swelling of the gums. What happens with your teeth can often be a mirror for the rest of your body.
  5. Brushing your teeth and flossing will protect you against gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of gums which usually occurs because of plaque on your teeth. Removing debris and plaque will keep your teeth healthy and won’t lead to something more serious such as periodontitis or loss of teeth.
  6. Brushing your teeth often isn’t enough because of the food particles that tend to get stuck between teeth. What looks like a small problem can cause dental caries and gum inflammation and flossing is the only solution.

An even bigger issue is the possibility of diabetes. Yes, you read correctly, diabetes. If you have periodontitis it can spread through the rest of your body and damage blood vessels, while increasing insulin resistance. Periodontitis causes inflammation and not flossing can create a bigger risk of diabetes.

What tends to seem like a small problem can become a much bigger one if we don’t prevent it the best we can. Even though people hate flossing, it is still the best way to protect your teeth and mouth from various illnesses. If you want to have healthy teeth and gums, you need to take care of them the best you can and flossing along with washing your teeth is the only way to do so.